Friday, July 8, 2016
Welcome from Teacher Erica

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first blog post! I am excited to be starting this journey and I am glad that you found me. I’m also a little nervous-I am a pretty introverted person- so I am hoping to find a voice and a presence that resonates with you-let’s be friends!

First, a little about me. I am a dessert addict/snob, cooking enthusiast, amazing science teacher, occasional quilt-maker and full-time mom to two sweet little girls Lea (3) and Emmy (1). They are hands down the most cheerful people on the planet-and one of them can’t even talk yet! They make every day so much brighter-especially after a long day of teaching! I will be including posts about fun activities you can do with little ones-I love finding new and awesome things to do!

My future goal is to open a bakery-just so I have an excuse to make the desserts I like! I am the go-to person for co-worker and friend's cakes and holiday parties. Heck, I am pretty sure I have been hired based on mentioning I bake alone!

So, why is this “Teacher Erica’s Science Blog” and not “Erica Rants About Dessert and Her Kids” Blog (actually, maybe that should be one!)? Well, because I love teaching science! I have been teaching middle school science for 4 years now (plus a one-year stint in high school Bio) and I love, love, LOVE making resources! I am always frustrated by the so-called “curriculum” textbooks and their “labs” and their “differentiated” materials! IT IS ALWAYS CRAP! (why is that?!?!?!)

Seriously- baking soda and vinegar is not how a volcano works, people! I focus on great informational presentations, added guided notes and interactive activities, notebooks and labs that are REALLY related to the topic we are studying! I always try to use materials that are easy to get and safe to handle and make a great learning impact.

So by writing this blog, I want to share all of this with you-welcome to Teacher Erica’s Science Blog!


  1. I am SO glad you got your post done!! Welcome officially to the blogging world! We can learn it all together! Your kiddos are precious and those desserts look amazing!!!

  2. This looks wonderful!! So happy for you as you take this next step. Such a beautiful family!