Featured Friday!- High School Science Classroom Decoration

Friday, August 5, 2016
**Featured Friday is a monthly blog post featuring a great product from my store on sale! In August, I am thinking of classroom decoration and organization so my Science Themed Table Labels and Science Material labels are on sale for 20% for the next four days!**

I am getting ready to move to a new school, which means I get to reorganize and decorate my room! I haven't even seen my new room yet, but I am already decorating it in my head! I have (of, course) been perusing Pinterest for inspiration. There are gorgeous pictures of amazing classrooms, like:

And this one that I just LOVE!

But as much as I love these rooms, (the colors! the adorable decorations! the poofs and reading nooks!) I can't really see an 18 year old high school student getting into it. It may even feel a bit...insulting to the older student. Also, I do not have nearly that much space!

So, how can you incorporate a bright, cheerful color scheme into the high school science room?

Well, for starters, I choose three colors (orange, green and blue-stay with me, it looks really good!)and matching borders. (I got everything at Lakeshore Learning, but you can also buy online through Really Good Stuff or Amazon)

This is the "background" of my room for the word wall, the I Can statement wall, the school information and my personal bulletin boards. I use some realistic science icons like these to cover the corners.

Teacher Created Resources Science Accents (4740)

New for this year I will be revamping all of my titles to match the Table Labels and Classroom Labels that I created.
Science Themed Table Labels

I tape these to the tables so the students always know what table they are at-especially useful for assigning seats!

Science Themed Table Labels

These are for hanging from the ceiling, which makes it easier for new students and unfamiliar teachers to see which table is which.

Science Themed Classroom Labels

I absolutely love these! At my last school, all of the science supplies were arranged in shoe boxes on shelves along the wall. I wanted to fancy them up a bit, but could never find science themed labels. Ta-dah!

Science Themed Classroom Labels

I will post a pic of my new room in a couple of weeks when I get to move in. If you would like to grab these labels for yourself, they will be on sale for 20% off during the month of August!

I would love to see pictures of other High School classroom decorations. How do you find your balance between cheerful and light vs. baby-ish? Comment below or head over to my facebook page- Teacher Erica's Science Store.

Happy decorating!


  1. I can't wait to see the final unveiling. I have the same problem, even in 6thngrade. The kids are very conscious of liking baby stuff so it's sometimes hard to decorate. I can definitely using the labeling idea for reading groups!

  2. I think I am lucky with 9 and 10 year olds because you can still get away with bright and colorful, without them feeling like things are too babyish. The students having a bright and colorful classroom - there were some great ideas in this post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think it's great that you are taking the time to make the learning environment inviting and engaging. I've been in too many drab high school classrooms. Just because they are older doesn't mean they don't want a fun and inviting classroom!