My name is Erica-welcome to Teach.Science.Life!

I have been teaching science for the past 7 years and I am passionate about science education! I love to share what I have learned in the classroom, especially different ways to stay organized and motivated.  I will also be sharing the lessons and curriculum I create, with information geared to new teachers.

I have always loved science! The joy of experimenting carries over into my entire life, from the work that I do with my lessons and students (my original "guinea pigs!") to my love of baking, I am always trying to find the why! I will be writing posts on interesting science topics that come up and on the inner-workings of my experiments on my students.

As a mom to two little girls, and a woman with a major baking habit, I am serious about reminding all teachers to keep up with their LIFE! I have seen too many teachers, especially teacher-moms, get caught up in the work, and forget the joy. So while this blog will offer posts and information on teaching and science, it will also offer a healthy dose of life with posts on delicious and easy recipes, as well as fun activities for the under 6 crowd!

It is all about balance- a cupcake in both hands, am I right?!?