Back to School Lunch Ideas

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Now that September is nearing, it is time to start thinking about back-to-school- lunches? Yep, you heard right! I dread packing my girl's lunches. It is so boring and I never have any great ideas. Well, I do, but Big Miss won't eat them! (Luckily, the Little Miss is still in the see-food stage!)

At best it is hit-or-miss.
She will sometimes eat lunch meat-but only turkey. Maybe. 

She loves pasta and chicken-but not cold-YUCKY!


At daycare, they say she goes straight for the fruit and veggies. Sometimes a jelly sandwich (but no peanut butter-NOPE!)

That is why posts like this one are a life saver!

Chalk One Up for the Teacher has a great post about What's For Lunch?

It has a great little reminder sheet for planning lunches, that I am totally going to print out and stick to the fridge! If I every get stuck-I can do a quick scan and see what I haven't packed lately. I may have to switch out a few of the proteins, but it is definitely do-able! And I love, love, love that it hits all the food groups (including a sweet treat!)

 I have a feeling this list will get some use over the next few years! Are your kids picky eaters? What are some go-to's you have for the "nope-yuckys"? Leave your ideas in the comments below (I am always looking!)


  1. My kids are far less pickier than I was growing up! Thanks for the great link!

  2. My daughter starts preschool tomorrow, and we are anxious to see how she eats. They don't allow you to pack a lunch, unless there is a medical excuse. She is very picky :)