Back to School-Vacation Post!

Friday, August 19, 2016
That's right people, Summer is not quite over yet! At least for me, anyway. (sorry teachers who are already back!)

This year, my in-laws were kind enough to rent a beach house for a week for the whole family! It is one of the two mini-vacations we took this Summer, which is a HUGE change for us. We have not taken a real vacation since before the first daughter was born (so about 4 years ago). We went on a babymoon vacay to New Orleans, and Rob ate so much at K-Paul's restaurant that he cried and was (almost) sick. And I was about 7 months preggo in NOLA in the summer. Ah, good times.
So, anyway, while I am lazing it up on the beach, I thought I would pull together some awesome posts about back-to-school stuff. There have been lots of posts popping up about "things I wish I had known my first year" and all I can say is OH MY GOD, YES, TRUTH PEOPLE. I really wish I had known some of this stuff......
Things I wish I had known as a new teacher
Enjoy and here's hoping your yearly goes smoothly(ish?)

1)Amy Brown Science- Tips for New (and Experienced) Science Teachers
Yes, it is geared toward science classrooms, but most of her 20(!) tips are universal. This was really helpful to me as a returning science teacher to remind me of areas that might lag, or things I forget over the summer. I keep a running order list all year, so I know what to purchase the next. And I ALWAYS try out the experiment before the lesson (that was a hard one to learn!!!)

2) Kacie from Managing and Motivating Math Minds has some wonderful advice on starting the year right. There are a few in there that I am working on now, after 6 years in the classroom!

3) MaryPat from Just Add Students has some great tips. My favorite is to keep notes as each lesson or day is over. I either review them the next day or at the end of the unit to improve my lessons.

4) Sherry at World Language Cafe shares what she has found to work in her classroom. I greet kids at the door and I am always honest with them about when I am not feeling well, and it really does help!

5) Melissa at Little Owl Academy shares a sweet, touching story about why we should remember that our students also have lives outside of the classroom that affects what goes on inside the classroom.

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  1. #5 is a GREAT reminder that everyone is human. My students have so much more going on in their personal lives then I did as a student. It's always good to keep that in mind when their mods change or homework doesn't get done.