Blueberry Morning Bread Pudding

Tuesday, August 9, 2016
One of my favorite things to do is to cook breakfast on the weekends. During the week, it is all cereal and toast-and-eggs, but the weekend is a time to branch out!
 Something new to try for breakfast-easy and delicious!

I am always on the lookout for awesome breakfast treats that are delicious, different and toddler-friendly! It should also be easy to freeze and reheat during the week. I am super busy weekday mornings and stuff to freeze is a must! It really helps to add variety to what we eat to keep from getting burned out. (execpt my hubs- he has eaten CEREAL. EVERY. DAY. pretty much since he was born. I will have to check with his mom...)

I do the usual pancakes, waffles, biscuits (hey, I'm southern-they are a staple!), scones, (there really IS a difference!) french toast, and quiche (Big Miss calls them egg pie. That may have been my fault. It is totally adorable, so I am totally not correcting her!), but I am always on the lookout for a new twist.

I have seen "morning bread puddings" pop up a few times around the interwebs, but have always brushed them off as desserts. Of course, the bread pudding I am thinking of is soaked in whiskey (again, southern!), made with heavy whipping cream (southern) and covered with a hard sauce (yeah, still southern).

However, when this beauty popped up on my feed, I was intrigued! I am a HUGE fan of Sally's Baking Addiction and love all of her recipes, so I knew it would be delish!

First of all, she calls it "French Toast Casserole". French toast is totally a breakfast thing! Not a dessert at all! WIN! Also, it makes it sound super fancy!

Second, it uses blueberries, which we have a TON of-apparently it was a good year for blueberries!

Can I tell you guys, IT. WAS. AMAZING.  And it continues to be amazing, because it freezes great!

I used the bread we had left in the freezer (half a loaf of regular French bread) and the last of some potato bread hamburger buns from a cookout (whatever-DON'T JUDGE. Waste not, want not!) instead of challah and it still turned out delicious!

More praise for this recipe-

  • This dish is wonderful as a make ahead-you set everything up the night before and cook the next morning.
  • It cooked it in a 9x13 pan, so good for a crowd.
  • Super versatile-you can use just about any kind of berry/fruit you happen to have on hand (strawberries? Pears? Plums? Apples? Yes, please!)
  • Did I mention it freezes awesome! And reheats just fine in the microwave.
Are you a breakfast person? How about during the school year? Leave some of your best school year breakfast ideas in the comments below, or on my Facebook page! 

And don't forger to hop on over to Sally's Baking Addiction and check out some more great recipes! 

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  1. This looks like a carb-lover's dream. Are blueberries expensive where you live? If there are many of them, hopefully that brought the price down!