Introduction to Science

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
I have been teaching Science for 6 years, and every year I start with an Introduction to Science Unit. In middle school, it was a great way to introduce 6th graders in their first year of dedicated science or to remind 7th and 8th grade students of scientific methods and measurements, as well as the tools that we will be using.
The topics I always try to cover include:
What is science? where I talk about the branches of science and scientific thinking
Scientific Theories and Laws- definitions and the differences of each
Scientific method- including the steps of scientific method
Scientific tools- I try to cover all the materials that a student would see in a middle school science lab
Lab safety- I cover basic safety in the science classroom

This year, I am using them to ensure that my students have a strong foundation for an accelerated high school chemistry course. Because these students are often coming into the classroom with little or no background, it will be necessary to ensure their success.

Because of this less than steller science background, I am changing my Intro to Science Unit up a bit to better suit my high school chemistry classroom. Some of the additions I have planned are:
-adding a section on What is Chemistry? to give students a better understanding of why we have chemistry class
-dropping the sceintific theories and laws
-adding a mini-unit on lab reports and how to write them
-adding more chemistry specific safety information in the safety lesson

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