Simple Frozen Fruit Juice Pops

Friday, August 26, 2016

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Here in Philadelphia it can get pretty warm(not Texas hot, but still toasty!) so my girls love a cool frozen treat after daycare. Which means they devour about 2 a day. That is 20 popsicles a week! And the weekend-forget it! The grocery bill alone....yikes! I also started to feel a bit bad about the sugar water cheap-o pops and wanted something a little healthier for my girls. 

This was the beginning of freezie pops. This is the name my older daughter came up with for frozen popsicles. So cute and so grammatically incorrect!

For several years, every summer I would buy the super cheap popsicle molds and they had never worked out.
However, this summer at my local kitchen shop, I can across a display of individual molds made by Zoku. 
ABORABLE! There were a bunch of different ones, but I went with the frog. A complete impulse buy! BUT LOOK AT HIS LITTLE LEGS/POP STICK!

And in case you are curious- the popsicle comes out looking EXACTLY like the picture! All the details showed up and it came out of the mold cleanly!

My older daughter loved them so much, that to be able to keep up with demand, I checked online and found that they have a number of super cute sets! (You can get them from Zoku, Amazon or Williams Sonoma. I have also seen the singles pop up at Home Goods. FYI) We bought the Fish Pop mold as she loves Octonauts.

I have a feeling that any of them would have been just as loved...

So far, I have used fruit juice and pudding to make pops. I love the Honest company juice, as it is less sugary and not as overwhelming as other juices, but any kind will work. The pudding pops were awesome.

You can totally dress these up with add-ins, like fruit or chocolate chips (chocolate-chocolate chip pudding pops, anyone?)

These are a great summer treat that I can feel good about letting my girls have!

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat? Do you have any go-to summer treats? Comment below or on my Facebook page!

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  1. These are so cute and fun! Juice pops (or icy-poles as they're referred to down under) are a great way to beat the summer heat.